Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Frustrating Bunting

Had this bunting u-turn at Spurn on 7th October with a Yellowhammer, frustratingly I couldn't subsequently relocate it along with a few others so all I have to go on are these 4 flight shots and the call seemed a little harsher than the accompanying Yellowhammer more akin to Corn Bunting.

Pro Pine Bunting features seem to be;
-pale/white ear covert pattern with smaller pale spot at rear of ear coverts
-dark/brown eye stripe and broad malar stripe
-pale throat with seemingly dark tips to throat feathers
-pale/white underparts with streaking extending down flanks
-really pale/white undertail covert area
-seems to show white area in primaries that would relate to the shafts?! (last 2 photos)
-no yellow in plumage (with thanks to Photoshop as well)
-white/pale underwing coverts

Anti Pine Bunting features seem to be;
-slightly smaller than accompanying Yellowhammer
-short tail compared to Yellowhammer
-early date?

Struggling to find any flight pictures online of Pine Bunting so if anyone knows of any, get in touch!

Opinions welcomed!

(And no I'm pretty sure it's not a Rustic Bunting looking down!)

And Yellowhammer it was with, for comparisons