Monday, July 15, 2013


Been up to quite a bit recently so haven't really had time to do a blog post! 

I have managed to graduate, been to Scotland for a while working and various other bits!

For now here's some photos from a 2 day trip to Islay, highlights being 6 singing Corncrake, plenty of Chough, hundreds of Marsh Fritillaries, 4 Narrow Bordered Bee Hawk Moths, awesome views of Golden Eagle and lots more!

Juv Chough

Adult Whooper Swan 

Juv Stonechat, everywhere and doing well breeding wise it seems!

Marsh Fritillary, thanks to a tip off from Becky and Lorna from the Islay Natural History Trust and if your ever on the island go to the Museum! Check out the blog here

Small Copper

Early Northern Marsh Orchid I think

Narrow Bordered Bee Hawk Moth

Will update the blog as and when I find time to sort through masses of photos!