Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lickeys 01.02 and 02.02

The idea was to go to Lickey and get Crossbill, did it work?!

Went up on the 1st Feb on my own and didn't managed them in several hours searching in the wrong area (d'oh!) But several other good birds noted including several Goldcrest, Usual tits, Nuthatch and Great Spotted Woodpecker. Thought I'd managed a male up high in a Spruce but better views from a better angle showed it to be a male Chaffinch!

Also of note I heard a Willow Tit. Was starting to walk towards the Beech trees down towards Twatling road where I was gonna try for Brambling when an unusual tit call grabbed my attention. It wasn't Coal Tit and so I decided to get my iPod out which I knew I had Marsh and Willow Tit calls on. Listening carefully to the bird calling and then my iPod it could have only of been a Willow Tit but unfortunately I didn't manage to see it which is a shame because its getting a lot scarcer in Worcs recently.

Tried again with Dad on the 2nd walked to the right part on Cofton hill where they have previously been reported. Waited around for a while waiting for them to show but was not to be. Also Marsh Tit heard, Jackdaw over and several Chaffinch also a couple of Goldfinch. Also noted that we could view down onto Upper Bittel Reservoir where we could count 26 Goosander!

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