Saturday, March 19, 2011


Its when you read posts like this, it just makes you think whaaaaaaaaaaaa!

''Has anyone heard anymore about the rumours of the 3 GB's in the brecks or the TO calling in NE norfolk in the last week ?''

Great Bustard and Tengmalm's Owl?! 

Proper Megas! Okay so theres been about 104846 records of GB but not since 1987! 

Tengmalm's only a handful of modern record, suppressed Spurn record sticks out but last twitchable one was 1980.

Will the news of these birds break or are they just rumours?

Already said to Dad that if news comes out then we're going! Both species in a day?! We can all dream!

Or maybe he meant Tawny Owl...

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