Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why I'm a Dude

3 Reasons Why I am a Dude.     

1. I have seen more thunbergi (Grey-headed) Wagtails (15+) than flavissima Yellow Wagtails 

2. I have seen as many Dartford Warblers, as Marmora's Warblers, 1 

3. I have seen as many Great Grey, as Lesser Grey Shrikes, 1 

And I have equally bad photos of each!


Dude out.


  1. Love this, my first Phalarope was Wilson's and my first Crake was Sora. Also got Sab's Gull before Red-legged Partridge!!!

    Rob H

  2. Lets not get started on those! Lesserlegs before Golden Plover and Arctic Redpoll before Linnet! Wilson's was also my first Phalarope!

    Good to hear from you anyway, what you up to this year?

  3. Arctic Redpoll before Linnet takes the biscuit. Im back on Fair Isle this year GPS logging the seabirds for the RSPB until August then back up for the last 2 months volling again. You got any plans for the summer?

  4. Awesome, when you going onto the island? Haven't got any plans yet.

    You know when you do the household volunteering do you have to pay anything per night?

  5. Get onto the island Apr 26th. Got a week on Colonsay and training in Aviemore first. No you don't pay anything for the volunteering. Just have to put up with birders destroying the downstairs toilets every morning!!!

  6. Sounds brilliant! Haha I'm sure its all worth it when you find that Red-flanked Bluetail!