Saturday, December 07, 2013

Spurn Flooding

Extensive flooding at Spurn on Thursday night, bit surreal to see, I'll let the photos do the talking.

Fire brigade evacuating Kilnsea, bit surreal getting the riot act read to us whilst having a pint in a flooded Crown and Anchor and basically being told that we will more than likely die

Water coming over the road near Kilnsea Wetlands

River Humber on the road at the Crown

The Crown car park

The morning after the night before

The Riverside Carpark

Looking across the triangle from Borrow Pit bank, about the only bit of land not under water! Canal Scrape on the left of picture!

Water flowing off Clubleys

The view from Numpties looking north from the Warren

The ringing Lab

The Trap and Warren Compound

Barry's old house and the back of the Warren compound

The front of the Warren

A Shelduck sat in the sheep field at the Warren! Note the debris on the road 

High tide warning....

The beach now comes up to the back of the Warren, with the footpath to the seawatching hide wiped out

Where the road has been wiped out south of the Warren

The 'road'

3 Telegraph poles were wiped out

The new road is now under 3ft of sand off the beach!

The road torn to pieces

Weren't allowed any further south than here due to live wires! Before there were 3 posts where there were no dunes protecting the road, now there is 8 post lengths!

The southern corner of the triangle overlooking Canal Scrape, the sheep narrowly survived on a small island

A casualty of the flood

Stonechat overlooking a very wet Kilnsea Wetlands car park

View from Kilnsea Wetlands hide

Short-eared Owl in front of a knackered Beacon Ponds hide

A lot of extra water on Beacon Ponds!

Little Tern breeding habitat....

The flow of water leaving ponds

The hide took a bit of a battering!

The ditch where the Great Snipe was filled with gas cylinders and debris from the Campsite

The view across the car park at the Bluebell and Borrowpit!

The campsite was badly affected with several caravans wrecked

No londer a Sandy Beach!


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    What devistation ... ♥ my heart bleeds :-( ♥

  2. Awful to see, the power of mother nature is just incredible

  3. Struth, this is tragic, all the devastated habitats.....the Stonechat looks lost! The road can be replaced, but the rest will take such a long time and a lot of work.

  4. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Poignant photographic account only time will tell how it will affect the peninsular but the effects of salt on the existence of the farms and fields will be far reaching. Birdguides have used many of the photos in the round up of surge damage down the East Coast.

  5. Anonymous9:52 PM

    Wow! I mean, wow! Spurn Point has been trying to become more of a proper island again for a while now.. looks like it succeeded!
    I wonder about all the hawthorns, elders, sycamores, blackthorns etc., they're used to salt spray.. but being stood in saltwater could kill them.. will they hold the Yellow Brows, R B Flys, Barreds etc? I remember a Titchwell warden telling me a long time ago that Thornham Point wasn't as good once it died off and became dead wood.. no insect life to keep new arrivals, which presumably just carried on inland..
    Anyway hope the obs continues (i've no doubt that it will!).. lots of happy memories dossing down there.. Crown too of course, all the best.

  6. Let nature now start to rebuild itself ... it may take a little human intervention to get roads and banks back in use but nature will heal I am sure.