Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ivory Gull Pat Haven

Mad twitch north as it was getting dark this evening, bit of rally style driving with Smithy as my guide and a mad sprint along the path out from the car park, but managed to get to Patrington Haven to see this beauty of a 1w Ivory Gull before it was dark, bird was feeding on a small amount of fish presumably discarded by local fisherman by the pumping station and flew out onto the Humber and sat not too far off the saltmarsh at high tide.

Spoke to a fisherman yesterday in Canal Scrape car park who said he had seen an Ivory Gull on the beach at the north side of the Caravan site, took it with a pinch of salt as he said it was an adult but had some black in its wing, this bird is a fairly white 1w with little black around the face and body and so without optics you can imagine why the fisherman thought it was an adult! He saw it last thursday (5th) so maybe its hanging around?

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