Monday, March 21, 2011


A lovely essay I have to do this week...

  Why did Cresser et al. (2008) suggest that the N cycle might be regarded as being the heart of Gaia, and conclude that urbanization and sewage were more of a problem to sustainability than atmospheric N pollution?

If only it was.

Why has Spurn Bird Observatory only had 2 records of white-spot Bluethroat (L.s. cyanecula) and yet red-spot Bluethroat (L.s. svecica) is a scarce passage migrant?


Why did autumn 2010 produce record numbers of Lapland Bunting (Calcarius lapponicus) and what is the potential of some of these birds being of the ssp. subcalcaratus?

Oh thats it I'm doing environmental science not Ornithology of the British Isles!

subcalcaratus? Fair Isle September 2010

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