Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick visit to the Flashes this evening after dipping on the Tardebigge Garganey.

1 Juv Arctic Tern was on the mud looking like it was roosting with the Common Terns but then flew off south at 8:45pm. Have been checking out the Juv Common Terns to try and pick one out and making myself familiar with the plumage so that I could pick one out so it was really nice to find one this evening. All dark bill, no gingery/brown across the back, shorter legs all noted while the bird was on the deck and also the cap seemed darker and more well defined. Then when it flew the jizz was more bouncy and also an all white rump, no dark bar on the trailing secondaries and a more diffuse front black bar on the front of the wing all noted. A plumage I hadn't seen before and also an Upton lifer taking me to 136 life and only 108 for the year.

Also 3 Greenshank had passed through earlier by 3 people in the hide (none of whom had put it in the book!) Other wise 8 Green Sand, 8 Teal, 1Little Owl on the Chimney and 28 Curlew roosted.

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