Monday, June 06, 2011

6th June 2011

The day the Spring turned proper MEGA!

Awoken by Oli telling me of a mega bird nearby, he'd couldn't make it out till 5 so wouldn't tell me what it was just that he'd pick me up at 5 and we'd go. Hang up expecting it to be something miles away quickly see that its a White-throated Robin at Hartlepool... a 1hr 20mins away! That got me out of bed and a quick couple of phone calls and I was meeting Chris and we arrived on site before 11:30 to see it sitting in the sun at the base of the bush!

Watch the bird feeding in the bushes on edge of the east Bowling Green then it goes missing until I managed to pick it up flying across the road over our heads! Me and Chris promptly head over the road to the west Bowling Green and quickly re-found it and had nice views as it fed along the hedge row.

We then headed up to Blackhall Rocks to see if the Surf Scoter was around as there had been no news so far, turned up to see a flock of c100 Common Scoter but no Surf. 5 Manxies passed south, 3 sum plum Red-throated Divers and plenty of Gannets, Auks and Kittiwakes were passing by.

News of a Red-backed Shrike came across from Seaton Carew so we headed off to see if we could see it. Parked up and walked through the dunes to see what we could find. Soon we were watching a stonking male Red-backed Shrike as it worked along a fence line in the dunes.

Slightly smaller twitch than earlier!

Cracking bird and second lifer of the day, we headed back to the car happy with both birds and news came out of a Spoonbill at Saltholme RSPB, 2 mins down the road

Get to Saltholme quick park up and through the visitor centre to the hide and see the Spoonbill is asleep on the causeway, lifts its head up several times, lovely adult.

All in all a cracking day!

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