Sunday, October 30, 2011


Gonna get a new scope, any recommendations on make model and where to get one?


  1. Depends on how much you've got to spend Tim..and also whether you prefer a light weight scope...angled/straight...etc

  2. Keith Dickinson9:30 PM

    If you've got the readies then the 883 from Kowa is the dog's.
    However if cash is in short supply check out the ES 80 GA ED from Opticron, Warehouse Express have some good prices at the moment.

  3. Price range probably about £1500, weight not so bothered and an angled

  4. If you've got any equipment to trade in then it might be worth considering a Swaro65HD...i have the larger version magnesium job which is a blinding bit of kit....[had to sell me soul to get it tho]..ha!

    Kowa and Swaro are the best scopes about...tho i personally ain't keen on the dual focus nonsense...quite unnecessary...[in my opinion].

    ps...i think that Kowa have just sorted out their maintenance/service department...[not so long ago if a Kowa went wrong then you were screwed]!

    Swaro have a great record of service...probably...almost certainly...the best...! As oppose to Leica which is generally regarded as crap..

    Hope you get what you want..try 'em all out...!

  5. zeiss all the way mate! I have just got a loan 65 from them as i bust my 85, and it is awesome and very light. Cheers, Jono

  6. Cheers for all the advice guys, settled on a Zeiss diascope 65mm that I'm picking up second hand!