Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Being back in Birmingham means not a lot of birding.

Have been looking at Google Maps eyeing up potential sites in the York Area to explore birding wise.

One area that looks to have bags of potential but as far as I'm aware isn't watched.

Birds that would be expected in the area in an average year but tricky to catch up with in a year, must be a lot easier down there. Birds like Grey Plover, Barwit, Spotshank, Turnstone, Arctic Tern, Black Tern, Little Gull and Kittiwake must get concentrated and pass east down towards the humber from the west coast or be pushed up the humber and pass west depending on weather conditions. 

Then there must be potential for birds that are pretty scarce in area like Shag, Sanderling, Hen Harrier,  Gannet, RB Merg, Sandwich Tern, Skuas, Fulmar and the like as well as other species like Montagu's Harrier, Divers, Manx Shearwater, Eider, Auks, Phalaropes, Sabine's Gull and Little Tern.

However, am I just getting excited with all this potential. Is it too far along the humber for birds to come up this high? The area goes as far south as Hemingbrough, by this point there has been 3 bridges across the river, Humber Bridge, M62 and the A614. Will this put birds off coming this high up?

Anyone ever watched the Ouse this high up and had stuff move up or down it? Any tips for best weather conditions for stuff being forced up the humber?


  1. Hi Tim
    Good theory - I have often wondered about the Barmby Barrage area for this reason. It is worth having a look at Blacktoft reports as they get stuff going down the Ouse there some of which must continue. I used to go to Foul Anchor in Cambs where the Nene used to come out of Norfolk. That way you could get skuas coming out of the Wash and heading across land to the Severn. Could be spectacular on a good autumn northerly. I reckon you would need to work out the best weather conditions to make this profitable...
    Good luck!

  2. Cheers for comment Jono, think your right with weather conditions will do some investigations! Had a quick check around Hemmingbrough last night with 4 Whimbrel moving north about it, looks good though!