Thursday, June 14, 2012


Finally managed to get Osprey on my York area year list last weekend, with a nicely timed bird turning up at Castle Howard just as I was on my way up there with the family!

Takes me up to 159 so only 12 more for the record! Still need Grasshopper Warbler (have I left it to late?!) Turtle Dove, Redstart,Wood Warbler (although none have been found so far in the regular haunt!) and Spotted Flycatcher. 

Looks like Stonechat aren't breeding in the area this year so I will have to hope for a late summer bird, at Hes East would be good!

Other birds that are predictable additions to the list would be

Wood Sandpiper
Black Tern
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Little Stint
Waxwing (invasion would help!)
Bewick's Swan
Barnacle Goose
Grey Plover

So that would be the record! Add in a few unknowns and I think I could be in with a shout!

For now, I'm off to Spurn for a few days, blog post to follow next week somepoint.

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