Saturday, January 26, 2013

Interesting Iceland

Found the 2w Iceland that I first saw on Rufforth airfield on 12/01, at Hes East this afternoon! Was only about 20 other large gulls present!

Managed to get some better views and photos of it and it look fairly dark? Opinions welcomed

All shots have only been cropped, click on them to view larger

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  1. Interesting Tim, I'm shocked nobody else has commented.

    I've never knowingly seen a 2nd w Kumlien's but the same theory for 1st w birds should hold true.

    I wish your pics were a bit sharper but it does seem very dark washed on the primaries. I have found that 2nd w Iceland seem to show dark smudgy marks more frequently than 1st w, they just look dirty somehow so I'm not sure anything can be done with this without really clear pics showing the exact primary pattern.