Sunday, November 14, 2010


Managed to get a lift from James Spencer of to the Pied-billed Grebe on Saturday, to say it showed really well is an understatement!

Taken without zoom on compact digital camera, its just dived in the middle of the pic!

Suppose you can just about tell what it is!

Then today managed to get a lift from Oli Metcalf and went to Flambrough fairly early highlights being

1 brief flyover Waxwing over the Old Fall hedge.
3 Pink footed geese in field near Old Fall.
1 Barn Owl.
1 Woodcock on the road on way there early this morning.
2 Roe Deer that walked along just ahead of us for quite a while.
1 Male Blackcap in Dane's Dyke and several Chiffchaff.

Unfourtunatly no sign of the Pallas's Warbler in Dane's Dyke.


  1. Not a bad couple of days birding Tim - that Grebe was really close...views like that make it all worthwhile.

    I'm still waiting for for the seemingly elusive Worcestershire Waxwings....they just havent arrived here yet...although theres a few now in Staffs

  2. Never had such good views of a mega like that before!

    I'm sure they will filter through eventually, just keep checking those berry trees!