Thursday, November 18, 2010

So got back into Birmingham yesterday and then at 10 o'clock last night me and Dad decided to go down to Devon with the potential for lifers in the shape of American Robin, Glossy Ibis, Water Pipit and Cirl Bunting also several potential year ticks on offer.

Probably down to planning this late at night we only managed to connect with the American Robin, but what a bird it was! Managed to get pretty close views of it and even managed to pick out its eye ring up in the middle of a hawthorn. Also bit of drama whilst trying to gain views of it when a farmer drove past leading a heard of 20 cows, once they reached the group of birders they all stopped so we headed up the bank out of the way, save for one poor old bloke that nearly got ran over by them despite moving as fast as he could!

Speedy Gonzales in action!
Dad trying not to laugh!

All in all, nice place to visit even if we did drive past the flooded fields that a Cattle Egret was found in today! I blame Dad, it was on his side of the car! Now up to 209 for the year and 263 for life.


  1. Hi Tim , love the photo of speedy gonzales being chased by the cows i also saw the American Robin really great bird.
    atb Rob

  2. Alright Rob,

    Was a bit funny at the time, those cows were moving pretty quickly as well! Was a stunning bird and by the looks of it we were the last people to see it as it wasn't reported after we reported it!
    Cheers Tim

  3. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Thank you so much for this post about the American Robin. I am so glad you got to see him. Please keep us updated as to if there are any more sightings. I was deeply concerned for this bird but now that I have read your blog I wish I was there with this robin! I have never been to England but you people seem WONDERFUL!