Thursday, December 02, 2010

Comments on BBRC WIP

So thought I'd share some comments on the latest BBRC work in progress file, avalible here-

So all previously accepted Redhead records are under review, does this mean that a new piece of information has come about regarding the acceptability of wild Redheads in the UK? Doubt identification is under assesment, all but one of the records involve males, maybe someone has studied hybrids and found that these birds are no longer acceptable?

Only one of the many possible/probable/definite Yelkouan's from Cornwall/Devon this year submitted so far, suppose a submission for a species like this may take a while to compose and consult all literature possible. See the Berry Head bird has made it to the BOURC.

Little Shearwaters, anyone know what held means?

Fregetta sp from Severn Beach at BOURC, likely hood of being accepted? Shame it wasn't nailed to species.

Masked Booby from Norfolk, could be one to keep an eye on, I heard it was seen by an experienced birder.

Egyptian Vulture, Norfolk??? 

At least the Lesser Kestrel sightings stop on the 31st March (I was there on 1st April when it was reported and was lead on a merry dance around the heath!)

Sakers on Shetland another potential first for Britain, at BOURC.

SBC I won't even go there....

Elegant Tern, earlier Devon records from '02 rejected but later records from Devon and Wales at BOURC. Any coincidence that the later two, at BOURC records, have names next to them and the other two don't?

Alder Flycatcher from Cornwall gone back to BOURC, interesting, anything more come out of this after it was returned to BBRC or has it just been bounced around a bit?

Lesser Grey Shrike from earlier in the year moved from Norfolk to IOS, interesting movement never noticed that at the time. Infact comparing photos 
Looks spot on! Cool movement.

Iberian Chiffchaff, interesting to note that from the 5 submitted from 2010 the first to be accepted, the Titchwell bird, has a name next to it. Trend emerging?

Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler, Outer Skerries 8th October 2010. Go on Mike!!!

Blue Rock Thrush from Lundy this year, was only reported as a probable/possible, anyone got any more gen? Anyone twitch it?

Desert Finch from Kent '01 at BOURC!!!! Maybe I'm missing something but why was this wrote off as an escape (on Birdguides) Trumpeter Finch can make it then Desert could? And Citril has as well! Or are Desert Finch known for not moving at all, any WP records away from breeding ranges?

Oriental Greenfinch from Surrey, well what to make of that! Have stranger things happened, surely escaped bird will be to hard to rule out.

Sooty Albatross, Mull this October! Well these mega seabirds just keep coming don't they!

So in total that's a potential 11 firsts for Britain being considered, not including sub species, so what will be the 600th species for Britain to be added to the list?

Well on reflection that might actually be a rather boring blog post so well done if your still reading. Any answers to the millions of questions above, greatly appreciated on the back of a postcard (or as a comment/email)

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  1. Hi Tim,

    I think held means they're awaiting more info or more investigation into the possible ID criteria for the species or sub-species.

    Looking forward to seeing OK gainst the Out Skerries PG Tips.


  2. the only one of your questions that i can answer was that the egyption vulture in norfolk was seen by only 2 observes on 2 days at some place a year of 2 ago. i have forgot the name of the place,apparently the observer thought it was a cattle egret first, and it was only when he went to a nearby twitch did he look in someones collins and see its an egyption vulture

  3. From Nigel Hudson, BBRC Secretary
    Well at least you have looked at it in detail :-)
    I just want to clarify your point about names against it. I once put names against all submissions including those in circulation. Then some were found Not proven and published but, as is our policy, without any names. But then some nasty types were able to go back to the original WIP file and work out who it was and then slag them off. So now no names are published until the submision has been accepted.
    Held means we are holding all submissins of that taxa uawaitng a new ID criteria paper. But then it says that on the web-page where you download the file....

  4. Cheers Mike, best of luck with your submission, guessing it was you that did it?

    Nice one Craig, looks interesting that it hasn't just been rejected.

    Thanks for clearing that one up Nigel, thought it might have been something like that but thought I'd ask anyway. Only reason I look at it in so much detail is because I'm jealous of everyone else getting to do the submissions, still waiting to find my first BB!


  5. Tim Allwood5:37 PM

    Norfolk Booby seen well by two very experienced seawatchers from two different locations. Full description taken but the chances of a mega rare seabird getting accepted without photos are only just above none.

  6. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Midlands birder - I'm afraid that what you have written regarding the Eyptian Vulture is complete rubbish - the finder is an experienced observer and certainly knows the difference between a Cattle Egret and an Eyptian vulture...!

  7. Everything you might want to know about Egyptian Vuilture claim here:

  8. Always going to be a problem with flypast mega seabirds like that though Tim, although from two different locations full descriptions and experienced observers might stand it in better stead than some other mega sea birds.

    Well according to the BF thread on the Vulture then it would seem that the observer knew the difference between Cattle Egret and the Vulture, maybe Craig was thinking of a different bird.

    Cheers for the feedback guys, much appreciated.