Thursday, February 10, 2011

Abberant Herring Gull

Went to Wheldrake on Monday and had a dogey gull, just done some quick sketches. Seen as they weren't done at the time they aren't 100% accurate but gives you an idea of how wierd and abberant gulls can be!

Comments welcome


  1. I suppose your right with abberent herring, (maybe with abit of a leucisticism ( dont know how to spell it :P),
    But you know how much these gulls vary

  2. Hmmmm couple of other people in the hide at the time got onto it as well and also agreed that it was just a Herring with increased white in the wing. If it had shown a few more thayers features we'd have been a lot more excited!

  3. Un-streaked head, upper part colour same as the argenteus around it and still too much white in the wing, these drawings aren't the best. Definatley an interesting bird