Tuesday, February 04, 2014


Quick twitch down to see the Bluetail near Bristol this afternoon, managed to continue my brilliant start to 2014 with my 9th long awaited lifer!

Managed to tatically leave Spurn last autumn when despite it blowing south easterly I'd said they weren't coming from anywhere so I should be alright leaving! Mistake Red-flanked Bluetail turned up that afternoon!

Managed to grip it back this afternoon, wouldn't say no to another at Spurn this year though!

Not the best of light so shot at ISO-1600, cracking location though and bird shows really well at times, even heard it calling at one point, similar to Redstart!

Can't find the BB with ageing criteria in it but presume this is a 1w male due to blue wash on coverts evident in some pics? Be nice if it colours up and starts singing in next few weeks!

Off to Spurn for a few weeks tomorrow, will try and update the blog semi-regularly

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