Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Spurn 5th-11th

So I arrived at Spurn last Wednesday (5th) afternoon started with a Guillemot that had been picked up on the road that morning, after a while in the bath and eating plenty of squid it was ringed and released on Borrow Pit and had gone by the next morning so presumably fine and flew back out to sea.

The next few days I were fairly quiet just adding a few year ticks for the Patchwork Challenge that I'm doing at Spurn this year, Marsh Harrier, Little Gull and Pintail being the pick of the crop. Caught up with the 1w Black Brant on the 8th and a Grey Phalarope was a nice surprise on the 9th flying north past the seawatching hide, first 6 points of the year.

Recent work has included clearing vegetation in church field, taking down the viewing screen and building a new duck trap which will hopefully catch us some Teal.

Made a trip up north to see the Yellow-rumped Warbler where after only 5 mins on site we received the news that there had been a Fea's Petrel messing about off Spurn for nearly 10 mins! Hopefully this bird is lingering/wintering in the north sea and I'll get another chance to see it!

Had an afternoon in York gulling being quite productive with the 3w Kumlien's being seen, cracking bird!

Kumlien's courtesy of Adam Hutt
So far the 11th has been a write off, heavy rain and winds hence the blog post! Hoping to get out this afternoon though. Up to 63 species and 78 points so far for Spurn, still plenty of easy species to clear up on.

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