Thursday, March 06, 2014

12th February-4th March

So after my last post I stayed at Spurn till the 20th, fairly quiet on the birding front, saw what was presumably the same Grey Phalarope fly north on the 13th, turns out there's never been a Grey Phal in the Jan-June period at Spurn before!

Other highlight was 2 overnight wader ringing sessions on the 18th and 19th, resulting in a total of 3 Oystercatchers, 65 Knot (plus a Dutch and British control), 7 Dunlin and 3 Redshank which was some brilliant experience with a large catch of Knot on the 19th, as we were extracting the Knot the first Avocets of the year were calling around Kilnsea Wetlands! 

                                                        dusk Merlin

 Barn Owl from Long Bank

Got upto 91sp and 112 points for patchwork challenge, should be down for a bit in March before going to Israel at the end of the month, see if I can get 100sp up before Spring gets into full swing!

Since Spurn I spent some time in London, mainly to see my girlfriend but had a wander round Hyde Park for an afternoon on the 26th, plenty of bird life here despite the crowds and surrounding city! Spent most of the afternoon trying to read metal rings on Black-headed Gulls! Managed to fully read a Swedish and a British ring and a regular polish Darvic'd bird put in an appearance.

Managed to use up all the battery on my camera but not before I'd photographed a presumed female Tufted x Pochard on the lake

Interesting bird, good to get experience with a female after the multiple drakes in the LDV last winter

A surprise was a Mealy Redpoll that was around the Italian Fountain feeding away in a Silver Birch seemingly oblivious to the lady trying to feed it bread below! 

Although not the best sound of a bird in Britian the parakeets add a nice splash of colour to the grey city! Another bonus of all the people are the tame birds, managed to hand feed a Robin, Blue Tit and several Great Tits, bit 'dudey' but great fun!!!

Since being back in Birmingham me and Dad made the most of a good forecast and headed into the Forest of Dean, brilliant mornings birding highlights being 2 Hawfinch and 6+ Goshawk, never tire of Goshawk and they put on a great show at New Fancy with almost constant activity for the 2 hours we were there.

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