Monday, March 10, 2014

Aves Fox

Not too long ago I noticed quite a few people on Twitter and Facebook posting about an app called Aves Vox. It is an app for iPhones and is basically an easy way to search the Xeno-Canto extensive database of calls and songs.

I downloaded the free version straight away and started having a play, I quickly realised the potential of this app and thought it was good but could be brilliant with just a few little tweaks such as a repeat function (so it could be used when ringing to lure birds in) and an easier form of saving the recordings into lists etc.

So I emailed the creator Max Allan Niklasson suggesting some improvements to the app, but not really expecting a reply! However he emailed back almost straight away and was keen to hear more of my thoughts, several emails later I asked if he could email me when the net update of the app was finished.

Max emailed last night to say that the repeat function and several other changes had now been updated for the app. So this morning I decided to splash out the very reasonable sum of £2.99 for the PRO version of the app.

Having been looking at it today this app is brilliant! (Hence this blogpost!) The potential to download and have ready on your phone pretty much any call or song from Xeno-Canto.

Max has posted a video run through of the app to show some of the features of the app

So using this app you can create a list of species, choose the recordings you want, have them instantly accessible without an internet connection and for ringers there's a repeat function. What more could you want from an app!

There is a free version of the app, but it doesn't have the repeat function and some of the list creating functions aren't the same, I think for £2.99 it's still a bargain!


  1. In an ideal world it'd be possible to place single (or multiple) recordings into a list, rather than just a whole species... Maybe you can suggest it as an improvement.

    1. Once you have added a species to your favourites then only the recordings for that species that you mark with a star are saved to your favourites, guess it makes it easier to find each species when you have multiple calls/songs for each species

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Email him again and ask him to do a windows phone version!