Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Trip up the Patch 17/12

Just come back in after a cycle down to the patch. Had about 2 hours and covered the top half of it really sticking along the public footpaths at the northern edge.

Arrived at the start of the public footpath on the north east side and the first bird was a female Bullfinch in the hedge there. Walked along the path and had several Fieldfare on the muddy path. 2 Black-headed Gulls flew over the path heading North East, several Blue Tits and Great Tits were in the hedge along with a few Blackbirds. Walking a bit further along there is a small dip with beech and oak trees in there, within this wood there were around 8+ Chaffinch, 3 Nuthatch and 2 Magpies. After passing through the woods and on a bit further there were around 4 Robins along the path then there is a small bogy area with sedge in and a Wren was within.
        I then walked south down the hill into a small patch of Oak wood where a magnificent male Roe deer ran off down the hill pausing half way down to give me some excellent views. Within this area there were approx 15+ Long Tailed Tits another 2 Nuthatch plenty of Blue Tits and Great Tits, also a few Chaffinch and a Treecreeper at the end. Walking East out of the small wood I disturbed a lovely bushy tailed Fox who ran off up the hill, walking back around and further up the hill towards the pond were a surprise discovery was 3 Moorehen feeding around the edge. A Redwing called from the top of the hawthorn hedge and 2 Buzzards were soaring not far off. Walking back towards the start 5-6 Goldfinch landed in the top of a nearby tree, showing off their colours nicely in the sun. A Lesser Black Backed Gull flew over and 3 Jackdaw finished it off nicely.

A grand total of 22 different species of birds recorded and a throughly enjoyed few hours.

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