Friday, December 11, 2009

My First Post

Well seen as I've made it I thought I best make a post just in case anyone visits it!
This Blog won't really start off properly till the start of 2010 but if you are interested in Birding and would like to follow how I'll get on with my patch challenge don't forget to add this to favourites or follow this blog.

Once I have decided where my patch will be I will make my self some targets for the amount of birds I want to see etc. Drop me an email on any tips you might have for me on Blogging as I've never done this before and Patch birding.

Hopefully you'll want to come back to this in the new year it should be a lot better by then.



  1. glad you made a blog tim
    keep it up

  2. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the link on the right.
    Best wishes,