Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Patch site decided

After discovering a small Nature Reserve about a  5-10min bike ride away from the house I have decided on an area that will be deemed as my patch. The Nature Reserve is Grovely Dingle and is owned by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust, it is not accessible to the public but is by special permit so I have sent an email in order to try and obtain this permit. What it basically is, is a small patch of woodland surrounded by fields. There are a few public footpaths around it so I think tomorrow I will try to get up there and have a better look. From google maps I have been able to map out the area and have noted a few small ponds within the area.

I'll try and attach a map of the area which will be my patch, not sure how this will work as the picture is quite large. The blue line will be the boundaries of my recording area, the yellow lines are public footpaths, red lines indicate a pond or building and the green line is the boundaries of Grovely Dingle.

For anyone who would like to look this up on google maps, type in Wasthill lane into google maps and you should be able to recognise it from the picture below.


  1. glad to see you've decided your patch,a very worthwile move,stick at it. you WILL be rewarded eventually
    hope you get some good birds there

  2. Looking forward to your reports, Tim.

    This is quite a good area for birds in my experience, though I haven't specifically been around this particular bit.