Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arctic Warbler

So I decided that a full trip report of Fair Isle is gonna take a while to do, so while that is in progress I thought I'd share some short stories of my time in Fair Isle.

It was the morning of Tuesday 31st August and me and Jack Ashton-Booth were in the office at FIBO doing various tasks when Carrie the ranger came in and said that Ian, one of the candidates for the wardens job had just caught what he thought was an Arctic Warbler in the Vaadal Heligoland! So we both flew across the obs to the ringing room where Ian and his wife were standing holding a bird bag, Jack asked to see it and Ian pulled out a stunning ARCTIC WARBLER!!! WOW cracking little bird and now we confirmed it was indeed as Ian thought an Arctic Warbler we started ringing everyone on the Island that would want to see the bird. Within 15mins everyone had assembled in the ringing room and Jack got to ring the warbler, one of his dream birds! A quick description was taken for the formal submission and photos taken and the bird was released into the plantation. Very elusive throughout the rest of the day, but showed well the following day in lovely sunshine along with Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff.

Deryk holding the Arctic Warbler with Ian the finder in the background.

The warbler close up, mega!!!


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