Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new feature on the blog and hopefully one that I will be able to share with you more often, is a quick sketch and description that I did of the Pec Sand at Upton this morning. Should do this more often and when I do I'll pop it on here seen as not many people seem to, this is where I say that you might be able to learn something about taking descriptions for rarity submissions but hopefully it will be the other way round with you the reader giving me hints and tips on what to add etc to my sketches for that day that I need to do a proper description of a BB. So comments on how rubbish/good you think it is will be most appreciated and really helpful, cheers.

Oh and also here is a little treat for you all, to say thank you for all the helpful comments!

Image Copyright Kris Gibb

Everything in one shot! White on the outer tail feather, slim trailing edge, white on the coverts, barring on the belly and underwing! This is what makes me loves birdwatching and gets me way more excited than Empidonax sp.


  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    A true birder Tim makes field notes the important thing is that you get the salient features and write and draw as you see it. The artistic quality comes in time just keep practising: For waders I always get the overall size of head to body proportions first: the shape of head ie angle of forehead: size of bill to head ratio: extent of primary projection: coverts are difficult but once you get the basics in conjunction with the scapulars and tertials it makes it easier. PRACTISE makes perfect. Nice one kid see you soon. I will keep in touch if we don't see you next week tell your Dad I will add him to my main contacts instead of you while you are at Uni. John Belsey

  2. just draw what you see mate. take a sketchbook out into the yonder with you every time you go birding, and make your drawing as soon as you've had a really good look at the bird. And a more artistic drawing comes with practice, I'd recommend having a go at drawing common birds from time to time if you can too as this will definitely help.

    hope this helps...

  3. Nice one guys cheers for the helpful comments have been doing more and more sketches recently but haven't really done any annotated ones like this, will defiantly be doing more in the future!