Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hes East

This morning  around the pools, starting from the car park picked out a single Redshank but the back lighting from the sun really didn't help, cycled down across the turning circle and had a look, Yellow Wag over pair of Great Crested Grebes mating and a male Kestrel hovering over Low Lane. Cycling on to the small muddy pool showed a Redshank and single Wood Sand. 3 House Martins were over the lake and another Yellow Wag over.

Making my way along Low Lane, plenty of Yellowhammers and Whitethroat singing further along produced a single Oystercatcher and 2 Common Gull. A pair of Teal were at the far end of the lake and a Snipe was on one of the small islands on the east pools. A single Corn Bunting was on the deck by the edge of the lake in with the Linnets and a 2 male Yellow Wagtails were singing/displaying over the fields. Cycling back towards BP to get some milk for breakfast showed there were in fact still 2 Wood Sandpipers on the small pool, so many rocks for them to hide behind!

Video of Wood Sand will be added later.

Grabbed some breakfast and headed back out, most notable thing was a Small Copper butterfly and a freakishly gigantic dandelion flower head!

Seriously fast flutterby!

You can see how big to is compared to the normal one to the left!

Monday was a great day with 80 sp. recorded including 2 lifers! Dotterel and Tawny Pipit!



Little Owl staring me out at the Tetrad.

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