Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wood Sands

Woke up before my Birdnet shift today for a quick check of the lakes, nothing much doing on the scrapes and main lake so last check before heading back is a small muddy pool that looks immense for waders but a little disturbed.

Quick scan with bins from distance scores 2 Green Sands, new bird for campus for me and my 11th species of wader on campus! Get off bike to get a proper look, wait a minute that looks like a wood sand.... Proper look, defo looks like a Wood Sand surely not on Campus! Set up scope, its a Wood Sand!!! 

Get round the other side and start getting some video footage of it and another one bird flies into view, surely not another Wood Sand?! And it was!!! Class, get some video of that and then I have to get back to the flat to start work, awesome start to the day!

Not One

But 2! Wood Sands.

My 12th wader sp. on Campus and I can see this pool from my kitchen window!

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  1. Hi Tim,
    Nice find with the Wood Sands this morning. I finally caught up with one tonight, having arrived moments after they were flushed this morning -doh!
    I have set up a yahoo newsgroup tonight for local York birders to post news on. If you are interested it is here:
    All the best