Friday, April 08, 2011

Redears and Wheatstarts

Decided to get out the house today in the glorious sun and knowing I'll be spending the next 4 inside. 

Explored a new area over some public footpaths near me with 3 target birds Ring Ouzel, Redstart and Wheatear.

After scanning many fields one came up trumps. First picked out a single male Wheatear, score!

Continuing to scan the field I managed to pick out another 7! Result!

Then a flash of red in the hedge behind the Wheatear, REDSTART. And a male at that, cracking. Turns out it was a county tick and my earliest ever Redstart.

Got sunburnt and walked far to much... worth it.


  1. Hi Tim,
    Cool site, at least you have a good (?) sense of humour...lmao.
    The pic of the wheatears looks a bit dodgy hehe

  2. Good sense of humor is needed when it comes to birding in worcs!

    Nothing wrong with it this end, must be your screen ;)

  3. Nice one on the Redstart Tim... I'm still after my first Redstart this Spring for Shenstone...Did pick up a nice male in the Wyre on Friday though

  4. Smashing Stuff Dude, their everything you want in a bird! I just hope the very extensively white forehead and bases to tertials, secondaries and inner Primaries is a result of blackthorn blossom, distance of subject from camera lens and heat haze....and not a Guldenstadts Redstart!!! Only kidding mate, well chuffed for you. Jack

  5. awesome birds! I have family I visit annually in Worcestershire (they live in Hanley Swan) so I enjoy checking in on here to see what's around in your county.
    p.s. I'm wondering whether that could be a white-arse destined for Greenland?

    atb mate