Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Caspian

Went down to Poppleton this afternoon where the gulls often linger in this (SE.548.540) field mid afternoon after visiting the tip.
Was hoping for a bit more white-winger action and getting Glaucous Gull on my York Area Year list, didn't manage that but Chris did manage to pick this out!

initially picked up by Chris around 14:30 and was present until 15:15 when it flew off south presumably to the tip. Fairly distinctive bird, with narrow longish straight bill, small dark eye, sloping forehead, high chest, overall leaning foward stance, legs not visible but when bird moved could tell that it seemed to have a broken left leg. Wing tip showed large white mirror to p10 with a narrow black band just short of the tip, could just see some dark markings on p5 beyond the tertial step but didn't show the extent of this despite preening! When it took flight, luckily only with a few birds, could see how long winged and pale in the wing tip it looked.

Also present was an adult Iceland Gull

and an adult Yellow-legged Gull, awesome!

Along with a Grey Wagtail over the house this morning the Yellow-leg takes me onto 98 for my York Area year list.

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