Sunday, January 01, 2012



A nice gull from Bartley this evening, didn't pick it up until 16:15 and was a bit wet and cold so just thought it was a hooded argentatus, thought I'd rattle off a couple of photos just in case! It was basically dark by this point though!

Have left top photo cropped, lightened and sharpened, second photo cropped and lightened all others just cropped to try and show 'true' colours and range of mantle shades, I think there is an adult Yellow-legged in the photos, didn't notice it in the field so not definite but looks good from photos. 

Interesting bird? I'll be back tomorrow!


  1. Tricky, tricky, tricky, thats Gulls in general really especially on a crap weather day like today. If the other bird is a YL Gull and I pretty much agree with you on that one, the "hooded" gull no darker than any other of the surrounding Herring Gulls. Alas I am no gull expert but this one is best left alone, best bet would be argentatus. The hooded effect on the Staffordshire bird(s) were far more dramatic than this individual.

    I see you have captured a GBB as well...

  2. Looks like an argentatus to me too. I think you might have two michs in there Tim - your argentatus seems to be sitting with a possible 1w in the first couple of photos and then there seems to be a possible adult in the last few photos too - which one did you mean?!

  3. Cheers for comments guys, thought it was a nice big argentatus just with a really neat hood! I reckon theres an adult YLG in the first few photos to the left of the streaky arge, probably a good shot with the 1w next to it, don't bother with them after it gets that dark though! Locals think they don't exist however...