Friday, November 16, 2012


Got down to North Duffield for first light this morning to try and connect with a Bittern that had been seen briefly the evening before, long shot but being equal with the York Area Year List record I had to give it a try!

Arrived in the hide about 07:05 and had seen it by 0715!!! Awesome bird and real nice one to break the record with!

Some video taken in poor light here

showing general area it favoured first thing

Proved quite popular and the Geoff Smith hide was standing room only by the time I'd left!

Some better photos on Mark Coates' Flickr here

Big thanks to Arni, Zing and Andy for getting the news out last night!

Previous record was set in 2006 when Russell Slack and Darren Starkey both competed and both managed 170!

Will do a full summary of my 'big' year in January! 

For now, can I get any more? I'll be going back to Birmingham for Christmas around the 16th December so I've got a month to add a few more hopefully, any bird from now is a bonus!

Targets include

Bewick's Swan
Bean Goose
Hen Harrier
Green Winged Teal
Black Redstart

Here's hoping!


  1. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Cracking stuff Tim and great news on the record well deserved for all the work you put in.

    Top Man!!


  2. Congrats Tim and thanks for the help!

  3. Congrats Tim, worth all the effort now!

  4. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Cracking stuff Tim,well done on the record!!

  5. Anonymous1:09 PM

    Hi! Thats Awesome!! Is it still there or has it gone?? I might go and have a look! Amy

  6. Cheers guys! Still there today Amy, seems to show on and off like most Bitterns!

  7. Hi Tim,

    Great record, I'll be popping down tomoorrow to see if its still there. Congrats on a great blog too, some awesome pics and video ..... you have a new follower!

    Tim@Timbobaggins Abroad

  8. Tim,

    I believe a Hen Harrier (male) was at NDC must be about 2-3 weeks ago now though that Arnie saw, here's hoping its about somewhere and has not been pushed off by the floods!

  9. Thanks Andy, spent plenty of time before, inbetween and after Arni's sightings but didn't get lucky enough myself! Guess it will have been moved on by the floods!