Friday, November 02, 2012


Spent a week at Spurn last week and it was awesome! Saw a huge fall of thrushes, crest and chats loads of Ring Ouzel, Hawfinch, Bluethroat and Olive Backed Pipit.

Part of a c300 strong flock!

Tripping over these and Chiffchaff!

Still impressed by my new Panasonic and one neat feature it does is slow motion, it can do either 100 fps or 200 fps most of the experimenting I have done is with birds in the hand and one of the best so far was the Hawfinch from Spurn. Redstarts and Bramblings on North Ron worked really well and I'll get round to posting them up later, also got a neat bit of Purple Sand footage.

Reckon it could be good on a flyover raptor or gull, will have to do more playing around!

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