Monday, May 07, 2012

Birding experiences 2012

Quick post from a recent trip to Tenerife

Was on the Island for 9 days 20th-29th April, did hardly any research into what birds I might see as I wouldn't be able to influence where I was going due to being on a University trip and without a hire car. 

Still managed 12 lifers with a few more new ssp.

These were

Plain Swift
Blue Chaffinch
Laurel Pigeon
Canary Islands Chiffchaff
Lesser Kestrel
Spanish Sparrow (first lifer that I've had while being under the effects of a few beers...)
Subalpine Warbler
Spectacled Warbler
Barbary Partridge
Berthelot's pipit
Southern Grey Shrike

The best birding experience of the trip however came in the form of Common Terns.

We had 1 free day at the end of the trip so we booked up with a local company to go snorkelling with Green Turtles. Where we were in the harbour a pair of Common Tern were using a small boat as a resting place before heading off to fish in the surrounding area. They allowed me to swim as close as I could which meant that my face was about 2ft away from the terns at times! It felt like a great privilege to be able to observe these birds at such close quarters. Completely different to seeing birds in the hand (even though I missed Common Tern in the hand at Spurn last year due to making dinner!) a true highlight for me!

me with tern on boat behind



  1. Sure its not an Arctic?

  2. And ruddy good pasta it was to dude! Toby's turn to cook this

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    Yes Jack, whilst we process the Black Tern...