Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Orphean Warbler

Nice afternoon doing a bit of filthy twitching today.

As I was preparing for my Chemicals exam this morning, I see that theres a ROLLER at SPURN! Pretty gutted I couldn't go straight away but I suppose I best do the exam! Then 10 mins later, mega alert, thinking that they'd delayed mega'd the ROLLER cause it was at SPURN I look at my phone to realise that there was an EASTERN ORPHEAN WARBLER in Cleveland! Two mega birds and at the time I was a bit gutted about the later as the former would have to wait until tomorrow! 

Get out my exam at 11:00 then have to wait around for my lift and tart about cycling around town to fetch his car keys!

Finally rock up to the wrong Headland at around 15:45 to hear that after showing all day its just flown off! Have a look round for a bit and then decide to head back to the green where it had been showing earlier, on the way over everyone starts running so we decide to join in! Oli got ahead of me even in flip flops cause I couldn't stop laughing at him!

Twitcher next to me said ''Its funny when you've seen the bird isn't it''
Me ''I haven't seen it yet''
Twitcher ''Why aren't you sprinting then!''

Arrive at the Bowling green and over the next hour or so manage some initially fleeting glimpses then it showed pretty nicely in the bushes on the far end of the green. 

Rather pleased with my photography today
Nice bird and good day out! Last exam on Thursday then proper birding can start again! Been wierd not being out for at least 5+ hours a day!

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  1. In my experience a bit of 'filthy twitching' does you good....

    Glad you connected Tim...!