Monday, May 28, 2012

Double Wader Day

Stuck in revising all day yesterday, managed to avoid getting distracted and going to Wheldrake and looking at the Wood Sand that Jono had found and even carried on working when he rang me to say he'd got a Turnstone at Hes East!

However I finally cracked when Chris said he was going down to look for the Turnstone so I decided to have the evening off revision! Took a while to re-locate where the Turnstone was but once we had it was obviously following a routine so we decided to sit it out on the side of the main lake and wait for it to walk to us. After a couple of false starts with it being flushed by geese etc we were soon rewarded with it walking right up to us and bathing no more than 15ft in front of us! WOW another weekend another magical moment with a wader on the patch!

Managed to get some photos, video to follow when I get chance to edit it next week once my exams are over!

We had a quick look round elsewhere and the 3 Greenshank from earlier were still present, but no further sign/sound of the Quail since I first heard it and it was then heard briefly later that evening.

Chris then had to head home so I headed up to the Raptor Watchpoint to check out the far eastern pools. I got up there just before 9 and admired the sunset for a bit

Then turned round and almost the first birds I looked at on the eastern pools were these 2

A cracking finish to the day with 2 patch ticks and an area year tick taking me onto 154.

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  1. I hate it when waders don't show well!